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Glasfryn ProjectThe Glasfryn Project is both a website and a hub of literary/artistic activity centred around Glasfryn, a house in rural Llangattock, Powys. The website now features information and reports on events, a press, and a magazine called Junction Box.

The core of the project is its exploration and celebration of past and contemporary literatures by means of seminars, events, readings, and via the magazine and the press. But it aims also to make connections between different fields of intellectual and artistic activity and to bring practitioners in those fields together, in an open, improvisational environment, with a view to fostering new forms of creative interaction.

AQUIFER BOOKS   Zoom launch of three new and forthcoming collections by Eléna Rivera and Peter Hughes; Lee Duggan; Tim Allen   Sunday, November 27th, 20.00 pm GMT           Zoom link for the event:     Peter Hughes is a poet and painter. He is also the...

AQUIFER BOOKS Zoom launch of four new collections by Sarah Crewe, Ian Davidson, Graham Hartill and Dorothy Lehane Wednesday, December 1st, 2021, 19.30 pm GMT       Zoom link for the event:   Dorothy Lehane is the author of six poetry publications: House Girl (Aquifer Press, 2021), I’m very interested in falling in love with you (Run Amok Press, 2021), (Bettbehandlung (Muscaliet Press, 2018), Umwelt (Leafe Press, 2016), Ephemeris (Nine Arches Press, 2014) and Places of Articulation (dancing girl press 2014). She is the founding editor of Litmus Publishing and teaches Creative Writing at the University of Kent.   Ian Davidson’s most recent poetry publications are By Tiny Twisting Ways (Aquifer...

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